Friday, 26 April 2013

LOOK! A Book! - a wee Sunday Snaps vid

A bit of a wobbly one handed video taken by my phone but you get the gist!
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Shipping to UK, USA/Canada, Australia, Europe
Profits go to Canadian Red Cross Homecare Services 

Stories and poetry by:

Sam Adamson, Kim Bannerman, Cath Barton, Dominique Boller, Juliet Boyd, Jodi Cleghorn, Sandra Davies, Miriam Dunn, Rebecca Emin, Annie Evett, Stacey Faulkner, Wendy Ann Greenhalgh, D A Volpe Herskowitz, Stephen Hewitt, A J Humpage, Steve Isaak, Mandy K James, Susan May James, Maria Kelly, Mari Lee Kozlowski, Lisamarie Lamb, Shannon Lawrence, Tyrean Martinson, Tony Noland, Linda Olson, Roslyn Ross, Tony Schumacher, and Ren Thompson.

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